Los bosques juegan un rol importante en el desarrollo económico

Viernes, 19 Septiembre, 2014 - 18:39

We held an interesting conversation with Jurgen Blaser, Global Forest Advisor for The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, about the importance of forest conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.

In Switzerland, my country, a hundred and fifty years ago, we also had important economic problems and we developed mainly on the basis of our natural resources. We very much deforested our country, so we had to learn to protect our forests. This situation is currently being experienced by many countries”

Mr. Blaser stated that forests play an important and active role in economic development: they provide livelihoods for many people over the world, they protect the soils from landslides, and erosion, and they regulate the weather and protect the water sources.

“We don’t have to destroy the forest in order to achieve development, we have to find a balance. It is good that most of the countries in the tropical world have understood this by themselves and today they manage the forest much better than we have done”, he stated.

Mr. Blaser pointed out that protection alone does not ensure sustainable development. It is the protection and the sustainable use of these resources together, that could help us achieve sustainable development. Forests carbon stocks are the sources of real value for the future in terms of combating and mitigating the negatives effects of climate change.

Within this framework, the newly launched Andean Forests and Climate Change (ANFOR) project is promoting conservation and sustainable use and management of mountains forests. This project is trying to raise awareness on their value and show that mountain forests play an important role in mitigating the effects of climate change, while also helping to protect the critical resources we need for our future, especially water, but also biodiversity and soils. ANFOR wants to bring together all the knowledge available and help inform policy makers, he said.

Regarding the importance of including forest conservation on the international negotiations agenda, he stated that the role of forests has been well recognized since the very begging of the negotiations on climate change, since the Rio Convention, but he hopes that this role will be recognized even further, “And more importantly that we start to implement all the methodologies we have been working on”, he emphasized.


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